Tincture for Calm





Tincture for Calm

Powerful recovery happens overnight. Our tincture combines certified organic, full-spectrum hemp extract, chamomile, valerian, and spearmint to help you unwind quickly and deepen your sleep cycles. 


1 fl. oz./30 mL

20 mg hemp / serving

  • Capsules for Clarity

    6 capsules

    10 mg CBD/serving

  • Salve for Relief

    0.5 oz

    25 mg CBD

  • Tincture for Calm

    5 mL

    20 mg CBD/serving


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Targeted recovery for

  • Enhances Recovery

    Helps you make a fuller, quicker recovery after exercise.

  • Relieves Tension

    Soothes overactive nerves and helps you relax.

  • Deepens Sleep Cycles

    Promotes deeper, more restorative sleep.

  • Resolves Restlessness

    Reduces tossing and turning to help you fall asleep faster.

Hemp extract with a natural advantage

  • USDA Certified Organic

  • Full-Spectrum

  • Non-Psychoactive

  • Zero Pesticides

Best-in-class organic ingredients extracted naturally

  • USDA Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

    Premium parts of the plant and a proprietary botanical oil extraction process yields the purest and most potent hemp extract.

  • Organic Chamomile Tea Extract

    Soothes, relaxes, and helps you doze off.

  • Organic Valerian Root

    An herbal alternative to melatonin, without the dependency side effects.

  • Organic Spearmint

    Relaxing, with a classic bedtime mintiness.

Organic Hemp Extract
Valerian Root
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The Sleep Scoop

For those nights when you're feeling wound up.

  • Reach for the tincture for a restful night's sleep

  • Squeeze dropperful of tincture under tongue & hold for 30 seconds

  • Lights out, screens off & sweet dreams

sleep FAQs

  • How much do I take?

    We recommend one dropperful of tincture before bed.

  • How do I open the bottle?

    Press down on the cap while turning counter-clockwise. You’ll feel a “click.”

“I take one dropperful of sleep tincture, throw my eye mask on, and I'm lights out in 15 minutes or less."

  • Chris
  • Personal Trainer
  • Go-To RCVR: sleep


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Capsules for Clarity

Our capsules support mindfulness, relieve stress, and boost mood. 



Salve for Relief

Our salve restores strength while relieving aches and pains.



Tincture for Calm

Our tincture helps you unwind quickly and deepen your sleep cycles. 



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