Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes your CBD different?

    Our dedication to quality begins before seeds are planted, researching and developing condition-specific plant genetics. All of our plants are sun-grown with zero pesticides at our USDA certified organic farm in South Carolina.

  • Are your products lab tested?

    Yes, all of our products are 3rd party laboratory tested to ensure quality, potency, and consistent. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

  • Why Full-Spectrum?

    Full-spectrum implies the oil used contains the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and is not made from isolates or altered in the manufacturing process. Research has shown the delivery of full-spectrum cannabinoids (or the entourage effect) is more effective than isolated cannabinoids.

  • How do you extract?

    Unlike 99% of our competitors, we extract with no solvents, only temperature, timing, and pressure. This means no chemicals ever touch the plant. No CO2, no gases - nothing. 

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Full Recovery

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Capsules for Clarity

Our capsules support mindfulness, relieve stress, and boost mood. 



Salve for Relief

Our salve restores strength while relieving aches and pains.



Tincture for Calm

Our tincture helps you unwind quickly and deepen your sleep cycles. 



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