Every stressor demands an equal recovery

Modern times are stressful. There is no denying it. We have a million things on our minds and on our to-do lists. We are overworked, over-trained and under-slept, and it’s taking a toll on our bodies and hobbies. The harder we push ourselves, the more we need to recover.

Our dream is to help you chase yours

As serial athletes and entrepreneurs, we love what we do and want to do more of it. And we want the same for you. Runners beating their personal bests. Rock climbers reaching new heights. Entrepreneurs taking bigger chances. Which led us to the big question: how do we build our capacity to perform, without burning out?

There’s nothing sexy about burnout

It’s easy to glamorize the 80-hour workweeks, pre-deadline all-nighters and merciless workout regimens. But the truth is, the body and mind can only take so much. Without proper recovery from everyday stressors, all aspects of health and well-being suffer.

The natural advantage

After five years of R&D, we found the cannabis plant has a unique power to assist the body’s recovery from stress. We combined our USDA Certified Organic CBD with natural, synergistic ingredients to create elevated formulas that boost your recovery from mental stress, inflammation, and poor sleep,  empowering you to live better and accomplish more.

USDA Certified Organic for certified greatness

We source the highest quality ingredients and employ a proprietary botanical oil extraction process to ensure maximum recovery from mental and physical stress.

Quality & ingredients

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Full Recovery

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Capsules for Clarity

Our capsules support mindfulness, relieve stress, and boost mood. 



Salve for Relief

Our salve restores strength while relieving aches and pains.



Tincture for Calm

Our tincture helps you unwind quickly and deepen your sleep cycles. 



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